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What a Week!

13 October

Sitting here on a Friday night (or is it Saturday morning?), watching Social Network, and thinking back on the past five days of work, I can say without a doubt it’s been a remarkable week. Perhaps the most impactful week since Flaunt Your Site began!

Our first employee, Walaa Habib, joined the company this week, and the velocity at which we’ve been able to express the passion and the purpose for Flaunt Your Site has jumped ten-fold. While I’ve had a vision for what the company has been, I haven’t really been effective in expressing that to the world, or even current clients. With Walaa coming on board we’ve been able to tackle the whole area of client fulfillment I’ve long wanted to do. And all the other projects we’re planning. I really want our clients to have an experience that they don’t get from other companies. A tactile experience that goes beyond getting just a website or an SEO plan completed for them.

We’ve just booked our latest client, and I’m looking forward to sending them an actual welcome packet (a first) that they can hold in their hands. I’m also looking forward to much, much more. Earlier tonight, I was present to my first real client, Shari DeAngelo. Three years ago, before we were even known as Flaunt Your Site. It was just me doing my best to design and code (translation: “hack”) custom sites together. Shari came to me, needing a custom website that would work for her. Without her and without a number of subsequent SWPB’ers (a group of amazing wedding photographers on Flickr), Flaunt Your Site wouldn’t exist today.

I owe this week’s achievements, and all the successes to each of our past clients and to each and every member of SWPB.

I’m moved and touched by what Walaa, and I are creating, and I can only imagine as Flaunt Your Site grows, what we can provide together as a team, for future clients. I’ve only been able to produce so much on my own, but what I’ve wanted to produce for each and every one of you will take a remarkable group of people to accomplish. And I’m committing to you all right here and now to assemble that team.



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