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Archive | January, 2011

Las Vegas Pictage User Group

28 January

Just got back from teaching a workshop on SEO at the Las Vegas Pictage User Group. It was a blast and everyone there was so much fun. We held everything right in Chelsea Nicole’s living room, I just hooked up my laptop to their big screen TV, and we did everything there. Ordered pizzas for lunch… It was a cool, laid back atmosphere to teach and learn some great SEO tips and strategies.

Plus driving through the desert from San Diego to Vegas and back is always a beautiful experience.


Flaunt Your Site Is Born

10 January

I’ve been performing web design and SEO services for mainly wedding photographers for a couple years now. I’ve always did it as a side gig along with continuing my own photographic endeavors and I have done great by word of mouth referals.
I’ve always felt a little strange when talking to new or potential clients though. I’ve always felt like I was some “guy off Craigslist, that just randomly does websites.”

In that vain, I’ve decided to actually put out a real business. For me at least, I think people would feel like they could trust someone with an actual business entity as well as the reputation from all of you who do refer me.

So to all of you who are and have been clients, for all of the people I have helped through your WordPress issues late at night, for all those that have helped me with questions I’ve had, and to all my future clients and people I hope to impact with their websites and online presence, to all of us! Thank you!

Flaunt Your Site is open for business!