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Archive | March, 2013

PhotoBiz Xposed

26 March

I was just interviewed on a very cool Australian podcast called PhotoBiz Xposed. The host Andrew Hellmich was so very gracious and had incredibly insightful questions for his viewers. Most were SEO related, but we discussed WPPI, photography in general and how I still shoot film.

Andrew’s a great guy, and he’s running an excellent podcast down there.

WordCamp 2013

23 March

I got to speak this weekend at WordCamp San Diego. WordCamp is a big geekfest for WordPress developers. They’re put on in different cities around the world, and all kinds of topics are covered: design, technical development, business related, and just about any other aspect of using or running WordPress.

I’ve been wanting to discuss the benefits of establishing a business that is focussed on a certain niche since our work here at Flaunt Your Site is predominantly Photographer focused. When I discovered they had included a “Lightning Round” with 5 minute micro-topics, I jumped at the chance to get up there and blurt out what I could.

I talked to a few people afterwards and it seems it was pretty well received. I don’t know if the lightning round will make it to a video format like the other speakers, but here are my slides below.