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Two Rings Wedding Photography – Design Spotlight

06 April

Two Rings Weddings is a new wedding photography collective formed in Austin, Texas. They were looking for a soft and airy website to match the delicate style of photography they aim to deliver their clients. We approached the site with a modern, yet serene visual experience that allows people to identify with the company, but focuses their attention to the photography. Everything down to the custom social icons were designed with that in mind. Please have a look at their site, and the photography they’re producing. You won’t be disappointed.

Froxy Photography – Design Client Spotlight

06 March

“How about racing stripes?”

I’m not sure if it was the affirmative response, or the combination of Australian accent combined with the profane “F*** yeah.” But somewhere in there I fell in love with Xanthe Roxburgh and Naomi Frost. Two enigmatic visual artists disguised as wedding photographers from Newcastle, in New South Wales. They were looking for something that matched their bold, left-turned approach to life and photography.

Their logo, which Xanthe came up with, was the foot on the rock for the whole site. It established the color and it really helped with the direction. As we went on, often times on Skype while Xanthe’s little boy Arlo ran around the house naked after his bath, the only comments I received during the design process was “Could you make it bolder?”  So I ditched all the textures and pretty things that most other wedding photographers want and asked her about the racing stripes. And that’s when everything started to come together.

There are a few really great custom touches that we put into the site that I was quite proud of. Because they do wedding and portrait photography, I had to create a call to action that worked for both. “Book a Wedding” doesn’t work for portrait sessions, and “Book a Session” doesn’t work for weddings. So harnessing the power of WordPress and PHP, I was able to have two call to actions, but display “Book a Wedding” only for blog posts that have been assigned the “Wedding” category, and for anything else, “Book a Session” gets served up.

The Froxy Ladies as they call themselves are so much fun, you definitely need to have a look at their website, and their work. The imagery they do is quirky, eccentric, sometimes bordering on being Not Safe For Work (NSFW), but you will love what you see and if you live in Australia, you’ll want to “Be Shot” by them.

Teresa Klostermann – Design Client Spotlight

04 January

It’s always a thrill to create a new design for a client. Sacramento Wedding Photographer, Teresa Klostermann was no exception. She came to Flaunt Your Site with a few ideas in mind to give her site a makeover. It was close to what she wanted, but it was just lacking a little “curb appeal” so we did what they do on those makeover shows (well we didn’t film me sitting on my butt in front of my computer for a week playing in CSS). Based on the screen shot below I think it was a hit.

Teresa’s site started off with a very snow white WordPress theme that lacked visual depth. It was like a Mondrian painting. White on White. So the first step was to create some three dimensionality and give the site a certain pop. I started with a standard wedding pattern, but created an overlay to darken it. That would isolate the central area of the site and have people’s eyes drawn top the photos in the center.

We ditched her BluDomain site (which I highly recommend to anyone that uses BluDomain), and switched it out to a very iPad loving javascript portfolio. Now if one the 40 million iPad owners happen to be a bride in Sacramento, they’ll be able to look at Teresa’s wedding portfolio without a problem. We also added a few SEO goodies which should help her start to raise up in the ranks.

It was awesome to work with Teresa. She’s got a great passion for photography and it really shows. You should definitely go give her site some love.

Mary Sylvia – SEO Client Spotlight

28 December

Mary Sylvia is a Wellington Wedding Photographer based in New Zealand, and a recent client of ours. So far in the couple months she’s been with us, we’ve taken her site which did not even appear on Google for the term “Wellington Wedding Photographer,” and taken her to page 3 and climbing.

Our goal is to land in the top 3 in the next two months. I believe Mary is going to be one of the top Wedding Photographers in all of New Zealand. I’m not sure anyone can take bad photos in New Zealand, but her style of photography is a step above everyone else there, and she’s very in tune with the environment as well as the people she photographs. If you’re ever there, make sure you hook up with her for a portrait session.

She does travel and has done some work in the U.S. and is currently ramping up for a Fijian wedding. Make sure you snap her up before she becomes too busy. Here’s her website: