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Funky Pixel Photography

16 July

This week, we’re reviewing Funky Pixel Photography based out of Kent, in the U.K.

So first all I have to say is holy bold text Batman! That’s what stands out to me at first. Bolding keywords is a very old SEO practice and won’t do much for you other than to turn of potential visitors. Even if they don’t see it as a play to the search engines, they will probably be asking themselves why these words are bolded. And they may even come up with creative stories as to why on their own. (And that’s usually not a good thing).

So, I’d really suggest eliminating all this bolding. If we do a search for Kent Wedding Photographer, it doesn’t seem to have helped you. So, instead of thinking about what search engines want, or what worked with them 6 years ago, (And even then I refused to bold keywords, cause it’s weird), think about your users. Bold words makes them have to think extra.

Let’s have a look at the rest here. So this bit of text that you have on the bottom of your home page, also shows up on your other pages. That causes a problem, because now you have duplicate content on multiple pages.
If your goal is to rank for Kent Wedding Photographer, you’ll only get one page to rank for that keyword. So you have to pick one and focus on it with the relevant keywords. But you’re working against yourself here with this content on multiple pages. It’s clear which page should rank for the keyword. And then when Google does choose a page, it may not be the one you want people going to right away.

One additional problem is that this appears to be a widget of some sort, and the title is an H5, rather than an H1. This is a Header designation (like how a newspaper has Headers and Sub-Headers). An H5 is a sub-sub-sub-sub-header.
This could be fixed by just adding some content under the slideshow. I’m not quite sure how this particular template is organized, but you should be able to do this fairly easy.

In addition to restructuring this, I’d really suggest adding a photo of you. I say this in every review I do, but I think it’s important to connect with people right away. You’re selling yourself. And people want to connect with who’s going to be shooting their wedding. So get a really good photograph of your self, gazing lovingly into the lens, and throw that great looking portrait up on the home page with your info.

Your About page is also lacking a photo of you. You talk about yourself, but people don’t get to connect with you.

The Latest is fine. It might not be a bad idea to prime the visitors though with some text that says something along the line of, “Here are some of our latest blog posts. If you like what you see, please feel free to contact us for a consultation.” This will reinforce subtly that you are available for bookings.

Then in the blog posts themselves, you really should have a call to action at the bottom of each. It looks like you do a decent job with keywords in your blog posts, so you probably have a fair amount of search traffic coming to your posts. And a typical bounce rate for search traffic on blog posts is about 90%. So you need to give them a reason to stay on your site. It could be something like “Like what you see? Contact for more information.” or “See more weddings” with a link back to the Latest page. Something that gets more engagement from them.

Now, your Pricing page could be valuable to you from an SEO standpoint. People may be searching Kent Wedding Photography Pricing, but instead of text with those keywords in it, you have a photo. Search Engines can’t read photos. Alt Text won’t help you rank. But a well crafted pricing page with actual text could.
I noticed that you have your Bucket List here and on the About page. I would pick the page that’s the most appropriate and keep it there.

The Video page is a little weird to me. I’m not sure if you offer videography as a service, or if it’s just a random page to throw all your videos. If it’s just a page to throw videos, I’d get rid of it. Replace it with a page full of great testimonials (which could include the video testimonial you have). That would serve you better.
If you do offer it as a service, I’d make it a full landing page with General Info, Rates, Area’s Served, etc.

Let’s fill out the contact form and see what happens…
So I think this is Contact Form 7.
If you can, a date picker would be nice. Anything that makes it easier for your potential customers.
I would consider adding a Thank You page, that you get redirected to so you can engage with them further before they leave your site. Social links or even take a look at a few of our latest blog posts will keep them engaged with your site before they leave outright.
Also, if you an, remove the Captcha. Again, make it easy for your website visitors. Some contact form plugins like Gravity Forms integrates with Akismet for spam. So if you can do that, I encourage you to.

I tend to think Client Areas aren’t a good item to put in your menu. I like to see them off to the side or the top, or even in the bottom. Most of the time you can direct your clients exactly where they need to go or provide them with a direct link. I wouldn’t use up your valuable main navigation for clients you already have.

SEO wise, I want to show you a tool I use to do competitive analysis when looking at keywords. It’s called th MozBar for Chrome, and it shows me a couple metrics called Page Authority and Domain Authority. And what those numbers are determined by the number and quality of links. So generally speaking, the more links the better. And the bigger/more popular/more trusted, websites the better.
So I use these tools to tell me where I need to focus when looking to increase rankings on web pages or sites. In your case, compared to these other sites on Page 1 for Kent Wedding Photographer, you ‘re pretty competitive with page Authority. And from what I saw you were fairly well optimized on your home page. So that signals to me that there may be something else going on. Maybe it was because of the duplicate content issue I mentioned before, maybe there’s something not setup properly in your Webmaster Tools, or there’s a Manual Action against your site (which you can find in Webmaster Tools as well). There’s also the possibility that some of these links are bad links.

I say the above because sometimes it’s easy to think that there’s no getting ahead with SEO no matter how hard you try, and even do things like using techniques that are really old and no longer effective. But often times you’re reaction to some ghost in the machine, rather than the actual source of the problem. So there’s a little troubleshooting that has to happen before you can actually focus on making things better.

And unfortunately, we don’t have that kinda of time here. But I hope the rest helped and gives you a good direction. Just a few changes will help you for sure.