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Hey Tofurious… WTF Man?

17 May

Dear Tofurious,

WTF Man? I guess you really, truly are without shame. Are you and David Jay secretly lovers? It’s OK if you are, I’ve marched in San Diego’s Gay Pride parade carrying the Equality flag before, so I have nothing against it if you two are together. I mean you must be. You both have this delusional megalomaniac thing going on where you actually think your products are quality, and where Ethics and Integrity mean nothing to you.

Look, I’ve produced a couple stinkbugs in my time. My Flaunt Uploader was released a little prematurely, but I have taken the comments and I’m back at the drawing board trying to get it right for people.

And… making WordPress themes with shitty code is one thing (well… you really did fuck up the RSS url’s in that RSS icon, so people couldn’t subscribe correctly). I’ll admit, I’ve made a few bucks fixing Tofu themes.
But when you create a plugin and then just blatantly copy another person’s artwork to promote it, that’s just plain chickenshit.

Shall I remind you:

This is Phil Derkson’s artwork for his popular Pin It button. Yes, it’s even more popular than the one that Jamie Swanson and I put out.

Does it look familiar? It should, because you FUCKING COPIED IT!

You want to make plugins that are slight variations off of others, that’s great. Go ahead. That’s what makes Open Source/GPL amazing.

However, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but while WordPress and Joomla do pretty similar things (publish and manage content for websites), they have their own identities.

As of this writing Phil’s plugin has had 43,945 downloads.
Mine and Jamie’s has been downloaded 11,429 times.
And you’re what??? Charging for yours? $25 bucks!!! Shit you are delusional.

But I get it… The joke’s on the photographers that will actually purchase it. There may be a few. You have reach and numbers… You might get a thousand or so. But then you’ll just be laughing all the way to the bank. $25k in one of your back pockets, and David Jay’s hand in the other.

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