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Erica Cummins Photography

08 July

Today we’re reviewing the website of Erica Cummins Photography based out of the Swan Hill area in Australia.

So design wise, I think it’s a little simple. I think the site lends itself to having a little bit more detail. I can sense that it’s going for a pretty aesthetic, but the concept has to be tightened up a bit to pull that off. It needs little accents to tie it all together.
In the hands of a capable web designer, this can be a really well done site.

What I do love about the site right away is that it’s very simplified for the user. They get two options only! Read more Information, or Contact Us! This is essentially all any photographer needs and I applaud you for staying so simple. People will either contact you or not, and there’s no beating around the bush.
I love it.

I do think there are few things that we can do to help you out though.

On the Home page, this is almost a formula for me. I’ve said it in probably all the reviews I’ve done, but in the about section under the photo, include a really nice photo of you looking into the lens. This will get people connected to you right away. Remember, you’re what they’re after. So make sure you include that personality right up front.

SEO wise, you’re looking pretty good with your Title Tag, and you have the appropriate keywords in your content here on the home page. I would take this link off the footer here. I might turn that into a Copyright thing, but don’t use that as a link. It could be viewed as rather spammy and get hit for quality by Google.

I would get rid of the Instagram and Featured Weddings section. They really alter the flow of the site. It was nice and simple up to this point, then it gets a bit broken up and chaotic. Also having people leave your site to go to Instagram is not an intended result. Have them stay on your site.

I don’t mind the links down here. It’s a simple enough of a site. It doesn’t feel redundant to me in this case. It just reinforces that they should go to one of those places.

As for the footer, I would probably use that full width for big client testimonials, rather than having 4 columns of stuff, not all being useful. Make every inch on the website count.

Info Page

I love this page, I think you did a great job on it. You have just about everything a potential client would want when looking to hire you. This is not what every other photographer does either. Which is good because you stand out by putting the client first rather than your images.

I’m a little nit-picky on things like lining up elements properly, so you might go full width on the large central image, or resize it, and add something to the side so things line up.

I would also think about giving each of the Price, Availability and What’s Next blocks a defined box or container. Something that makes them stand out on their own and breaks up the page visually right there so each is easier to read. And it might be a bit much to ask, but if you can, make these Testimonials actual text. There’s some great things you can do with WordPress (some of them might take a developer like myself to do), but setting something up that can be automated and pull in random testimonials would be great to have for the future.


The contact page is good, but I would not have such a large image at the top. You force people to scroll down to find the actual contact form. The point of that page is to contact you, so you want to get to the point right away. Maybe have a really engaging/emotive picture of a bride looking into the camera, to the side of the contact form. That may encourage more brides to see themselves in that bride’s place and fill out the form.


This is a really well thought out site. No fluff. This is me, shoot me an email! I think it’s great as is. I’d maybe just work with a designer to finish off the concept of the site design, and a few little things here and there to make it a tad more user friendly. But very well done!