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Mary Sylvia – SEO Client Spotlight

28 December

Mary Sylvia is a Wellington Wedding Photographer based in New Zealand, and a recent client of ours. So far in the couple months she’s been with us, we’ve taken her site which did not even appear on Google for the term “Wellington Wedding Photographer,” and taken her to page 3 and climbing.

Our goal is to land in the top 3 in the next two months. I believe Mary is going to be one of the top Wedding Photographers in all of New Zealand. I’m not sure anyone can take bad photos in New Zealand, but her style of photography is a step above everyone else there, and she’s very in tune with the environment as well as the people she photographs. If you’re ever there, make sure you hook up with her for a portrait session.

She does travel and has done some work in the U.S. and is currently ramping up for a Fijian wedding. Make sure you snap her up before she becomes too busy. Here’s her website: