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Zenfolio vs WordPress


Hi there, William.

I heard your podcast on PhotoBizXposed. Great interview; thank you for doing it. My question is two fold.

I have been with Zenfolio since September 2013. Their SEO management tools are very limited; I rank horribly after doing all I can with the SEO options. Would I be wiser to:
a) having my homepage WordPress and using Zenfolio as my other pages (galleries, blog, contact, etc.) OR
b) scrapping Zenfolio altogether and going all in with WordPress?

I want to understand how to optimize my website lead generation to conversion flow. Would please point me to practical and effective sources/information regarding this?

Thank you for your time, energy and passion! It is very much appreciated. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you in return.

Ewen Lewis


Hi Ewen! I'm really glad you heard (and liked) my interview. It was a lot of fun! Regarding your Zenfolio question: Zenfolio is great for what it is, which is Proofing. The website functions are not very good compared to WordPress. So what I would recommend is using WordPress as your website which will have all your pages, (About, Weddings, Portraits, etc) and your blog on it, and then use Zenfolio strictly for Online Proofing. As far as your other question regarding Conversions... It's a bit more complex of a topic. I've studied this for years and there's always more to learn. But ultimately, you want to create a User Experience (often times called UX), that increases the chances of your visitors hiring you. This requires thinking from the point of view of a potential customer finding your site, and not from the point of view of a photographer. It can be very challenging, and it may take lots of trial and error to get it figured out. We're more than happy to help you with that in the event that you think you'd like to look at doing some work to your website. Thanks! William