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WordPress Image Titles


What is the best way to name images on a wordpress blog for great SEO? (Example: if I have a photo of a bride laughing, should the image title just be “pittsburgh wedding photographer” or a something more specific like “laughing bride”?)

Is there a system to use to ensure the image names HELP my SEO instead of hurting it?


Hi Veronica, I like to use photos as an opportunity to diversify my keywords. Most people will aim for the "big head" keywords like "Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers", but you have to remember that SEO is page specific. So trying to get all your pages and blog posts to rank for one keyword is not a good use of your time. And trying to get a blog post (which tend not to be as popular as your main pages), is a very challenging task. What I like to use blog posts for are the easier keywords to rank for. For the example of weddings, I like to focus on the Venue or location of the wedding. This is a much easier keyword to rank for, and it brings in a higher targeted market; brides that are searching certain venues that you've photographed at are more likely to be in your price point. As for Alt Text on your photos, you may consider describing each one with context. Use "Beautiful Bride in Vera Wang dress, smiling at her wedding guests at Mansion at Maple Heights" as opposed to just "Bride smiling." It's just a small change, and it will take you 30 seconds instead of 2 seconds to come up with for each image, but it's a lot of small little things that will add up to big results in your bookings.