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Where to Start!


I’m so new at SEO. I’ve found a trillion things about it on the internet but where on earth do I start? Do I need to wipe my website clean and start over in WordPress? (I currently use Virb). I have no problem taking the time to do things but I just don’t know where to start… Any help or direction would be amazing.



Hi Jessica, I understand your confusion. When I built my first photography website back in 2001, I didn't even know what content was! Yikes. A lot's changed in 12 years. And things are constantly changing still. I took a look at your site on Virb, and it looks decent. It looks like you have a built in blog, and you have your pages. It's all HTML based without Flash, so you're looking OK. If you like the system, that's great. Stick with it. A lot of people use WordPress because you get to customize it beyond just a few theme choices and you can extend it as much as you want with the hundreds of thousands of plugins out there. A system like Virb isn't bad, and you aren't going to be punished by some mythical Google Gods or anything. Just keep on focusing on writing good blog posts, and having good descriptive language about the service you provide on your About pages and you'll do fine. When you're ready to make the jump to a custom site that's designed specially for you, then you can make the jump to WordPress. Just keep your nose to the grindstone and turning out great photos!