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Top 3 social media strategies


From what I’ve been reading lately, Google has reduced the importance of Links point to your site and has focused heavily on Social Media interaction. In your opinion what are the top 3 areas (more if you like) should one focus on. I’m thinking Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. I left out Twitter as I don’t seem to get much from there but then maybe I’m doing it wrong.

Thanks for taking the time William!


Hey Sam! The importance of Social Media has come and gone. It'll probably pop back up again. Different search engines have created different partnerships with different social engines. Google has put a lot of stock in Google Plus. But I think that the social media factors that come into play, tend to be experimental or have less of an impact than most people hype them to be. That said, they do still factor in the equation. As far as where to focus, I would look to see where your potential clients are rather than trying to figure out what social engine is in bed with which search engine. Google Plus and Twitter tend to be on the more techy side. If they're your clientele, then you'll benefit by participating there. Top 3? Hmmm... If I were running my wedding photography business again, personally, I'd look at Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus (with Twitter and G+, I would focus on finding the Linkerati/Blogerati that have influence over my target markets and create strong relationships with them). Pinterest is great, but despite the volume of traffic, I think the conversion rate is pretty low.