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SEO really confuses me…


I could ask questions all day, just to warn you. I’ll start with one that should be easy. What does “no-follow” mean? I’m not sure it has anything to do with SEO, but I’ve seen it around and don’t really understand it. Next, on WordPress (paid), which is more important – image titles or alt text? Or are they equally important? And if you’re loading, say, 30 pictures in one post, just how different does the keywording/alt texting need to be? I get myself so caught up on that. Ok, sorry…I’ve asked more than I planned! Thanks!


Hi Andrea, Not a problem. No Follow means that search engines will not 'Follow' a specific link with the "No Follow" designation. No Follow was created so that your own site's strength would not follow along to another site you are linking to when you didn't want to vouch for the site. Most blog comments have No Follow enabled because the links that people put there are often times random, and it would be a rather difficult task to keep track of the sites that the site owner would be willing to vouch for. For your other question, Alt Text is more important to the search engines. And I would use Alt Text as a means to describe each image. You have 144 characters that the search engines will read. So I would use that to be descriptive of each photo. You'll end up getting far greater searches with diverse keywords than you would with a bunch that just said "Your City Wedding Photographer." Hope all that helps!