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Hi William!

When we submit our work for publication, a lot of blogs request exclusivity, whereas the smaller ones do not. Is it better to have one link from a large blog or several links from different, smaller blogs? Thank you!


Hi Caryn, It can depend on a few things. And only part of it is technical. A large site requesting exclusivity for your work could be a big boost to your site if you have just a bunch of comment links coming back to your site. There's a metric in the SEO tracking world called Domain Authority (you can think of this as the old Page Rank but for the entire site). Large sites with lots of links and clout have greater Domain Authority than smaller ones. Sometimes it is better to get a couple super quality links than it is to get a bunch of lesser quality. At the same time, the trick is to get more brides to your site that have the intention of hiring a photographer. So you can't only look from a link value proposition. When weighing the Pros/Cons, you might have to look at the audience (quantity and quality). How many brides are reading the big well known blog? How many combined are reading the smaller ones? Are they all your target market? Can you reach more people with a bunch of smaller ones? Would it benefit you by staying more exclusive and seeking a higher end bride? These are the things that I would weigh when deciding between different wedding blogs. Hope that helps, William