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Relative Values of Different SEO Strategies


Hi William, thanks for your helpful site. I’m wondering what are the relative values of the many different SEO strategies? For example, how would you rank backlinks, keywording, and valuable content? What are the top priorities that we should be focusing on? Are there any commonly suggested strategies that are in your opinion, not worth the time?


Hi Dale, Well all those things that you mentioned are actually part of the basic strategy. I like to think of the traditional SEO  strategy as a pyramid: Starting with the foundation level is having a good well built site with good internal linking structure, HTML (I use WordPress to create all this of course). Then the next level is meaningful content with the right keywords that you want to be found for. People are searching for certain things, do those specific keywords appear on your pages? The third level would be Links. Links are the strength signal for your site. How many people link to your site is an indication to Google of your importance on the web. And the final section of the pyramid would be Social Media. They're a bit like the icing on the cake. Each one has had its own level of importance at one point or another, but they all still have some level of impact now. There are other strategies that go deeper into each level, but for the most part, those are the components that make up a traditional Search based strategy approach. Thanks for the question!!!