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Over optimisation?


I hear that google is starting to punish overly optimized sites. I frequently have keywords in the meta data of my images that are on my blog, should I worry that I use the same keywords to much? How do I know when I’ve put to much emphasis on a particular keyword?


Hi Kari, I wrote little bit about this particular topic on this blog post. And as far as how to effectively add Alt Text, you can read this response: My suggestion would be to look at using your blog posts as a way to attract really diverse searches, and use what are called Landing Pages to attract the big terms you're trying to rank for (i.e. London Wedding Photographer). Blog posts tend not to have a lot of Page Authority, so even if you use "London Wedding Photographer" a lot of times on that blog post, you won't be able to compete with other pages that have lots of links. And in a sense you end up cannibalizing your own keyword strategy on your site and can screw up which page should really get displayed when someone does a search. You really want the people search for "London Wedding Photographer" to go to a page that has information specifically for them, not a blog post where they wouldn't get the answers to their question right away. Hope this helped!