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Is good SEO important?


One of my friends is on page 1 on Google for his city for wedding photographers but this does not get him work and he says Google page rank is way over-rated. So while it can’t hurt to be highly ranked, is it the main goal? Or what else should be done to get bookings, if you’re already highly ranked.


Hey Paul, I like to think of SEO as a complete package that includes everything from getting a site ranked to having a well designed site that converts the visitors. So while getting ranked on the 1st page of Google is awesome and all, if the site is poorly designed, or doesn't have clear cut actions for people to take, then having that 1st page ranking won't necessarily make a difference. Also there are a lot of people searching for those big terms "Toronto Wedding Photographers" in your case. That tends to be a generic term, that often attracts lots of generic traffic. Some of that traffic yields the clients that you're seeking. But with all that volume, your conversion rate will tend to be less than with more targeted traffic. I think a balanced approach that includes Search, Social, Online outreach, Word of mouth, and other approches to Inbound linking is a much stronger strategy than just relying on Google. That said, you still need a good website that people can use easily once they get there so you can get those bookings.