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Increasing SEO for different cities


What’s a good way to build up SEO and traffic for an upcoming cross-country move? Thanks!


Thanks for the question Anni! Well, this is where WordPress comes in really handy. You can create a brand new Page inside WordPress, and focus your new keywords ' New City Wedding Photographers' etc. on that page. You'll want your new keywords in your Title Tag, Slug, scattered throughout your content, etc. If you have blog posts from weddings you have photographed in the new city, you can link out to those too. The anchor text in the link will help that page keyword wise. If you have a WordPress developer you work with, you can have them develop a section that that pulls in the latest posts from that particular city, and can even link out to an archive of it. That handles the on-site side of things, but you'll also want to focus on developing links to that page to increase the strength of that particular page. As you do things like writing blog comments (you can use our Followed Photography List as a starting point), and listing your site in directories, etc. Use this new page as the link that you provide. Some things will have to wait until you have an address, like your Google Places listing, and any other directories you have your business listed on. But make sure you do that right away when you get your new address so you can get in the mix.