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IMG title tags


Hello William,
I found your site via the SWPB Forum on Flickr… I just read almost all your blogposts and you are genius!

There is one question left for me when it comes to giving alt and title tags to the images. Does it make sense to use the same phrase for the title and the alt tag – or would you use one title tag for the whole blogpost? I get the idea what to do with the alt tags but I’m not sure what to do with the title tags…

Thank you in advance.
All the best


Hi Thomas, Glad you're finding the site useful! I actually don't use the Title Attribute anymore for images. The Alt Attribute is enough. Title Attributes don't actually carry any SEO value with them, and are mainly used for Screen Readers for blind users of the internet to let them know where links take them. The only reason you would see Title Attributes on a photo is if it was a link to somewhere. Hope that helps!