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How important is the frequency of blogging to my SEO?


Great site, nice idea!

I have two related questions –

No. 1 – Frequency: How important is the frequency with which I blog to my SEO. I’ve found some sites that seem to rank well with very few/recent updates but the advice I’ve seen in most places suggests that you should keep your blog regularly updated if you want to keep Google happy! And how regular, is regular? Every week, every month?

No. 2 – Content: What is the best advice you can offer in regards to content in blog posts. I’ve read lots of different advice about keywords in blog content and the minimum number of words a post should have. This information is often conflicting and I’m a little confused! !

Thanks in advance for any help!


Hi Rob! Thanks for your question! 1. Frequency doesn't matter. There are many factors that go into ranking websites, but the two primary ones are: Is a given page optimized for the keyword, and the second is do people on the internet find value on that page. A blog post is just a page, and if you change it often, Google has to refigure out what that page is about. Now accumulating many pages of content in your blog is something different. The more content you have across your website, the more likely you are to bring more traffic and searches to your site. Which leads to... 2.  Since our blog posts tend to be photo heavy, I just say to write what feels comfortable. 100-200 words is plenty fine. It's enough to tell a story about your subjects, and add a smattering of good keywords in there. As far as those keywords go, I really recommend that you don't bother with the big terms like "Norfolk Wedding Photographer," but focus on really easy terms to rank for: locations, venues, unique stores, people, things that may have some attention in your area, etc. Blog posts are great for bringing in Long Tail traffic (stuff that few people search for - but can be highly converting when people find your stuff). Whatever you do, just make yourself proud of the writing everytime you write a post. If you do that, people will take notice. Cheers!