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Finding Keywords


What is a good way to go about finding the keywords I should be focusing on? Is there a way to see what people search for?


Thanks Christine, I often start with the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. If you've never used it, go to You can use your Google or Gmail account to login. From there you'll want to click Tools and Analysis, then Keyword Tool. You can start by inputting the keywords you think you need to focus on, and the Keyword Tool will return a list of that term, plus keywords that are similar. That list will show how competitive the term is, and the number of searches both Locally, and Globally. Stay away from highly competitive keywords with low search volume, and conversely, do your best to find lower competitive keywords with greater volumes. It can be a bit of an art, but if you spend a little time on it, you'll be able to find good keywords to focus on.