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Egyptian Hyroglyphics?


I actually have a few questions.
1. When I go to Google, and tell it to search only blogs, I type in my studio name, “Oni Studio” Google will not display any of my entries, or my blog. Why is that?

2. What the hell are meta robots?


Hi Victoria & Travis, Thanks for the questions! You're our first. :)

  1. Well, when you're doing a Google Blog search, you're telling Google that you want to see people who have blogs that are talking about your particular search query. In your case you're asking for "Oni Studio." But if you look at your blog posts, you're not talking about "Oni Studio" in your blog posts, you're talking about your clients (which by the way, if you could send any one of them my way, I'd appreciate it). I did a search at Google Blog Search and I did find an entry that was talking about you that your website designer did. But it was because he was talking about you. So the key to understanding how Google Blog Search works, is that your searches will return the content, but not necessarily the content creator.
  2. Meta Robots are actually two things:
  • Meta is information that is displayed in the "Head" (the section of a website that doesn't get put on the page). Examples of Meta would be Meta Keywords, Meta Description, Meta Title. There are others as well, but those are common ones. It's basically information that is available for things that need it. Meta Title is available for browsers like Chrome and Firefox to display in the Title-bar or Tab-bar.
  • Robots are those Search Engine Spiders that crawl around the web indexing all the pages and content that are out there. Robot Meta is essentially Information for the Robots. You can tell the Robots a few different things, the most common being what pages to crawl or not crawl. For instance you may have a client area that you don't want the Search Engines to index. While you can use a Meta tag in the Head of your website, the more appropriate way to allow or disallow search engines to crawl your website is by using a robots.txt file that has the same information. Most Robots or Spiders will recognize both, some won't read the Meta Robots tag.
  Hope that helps!