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Blog Content That doesn’t match your main goals


I’ve recently been trying to move up on google page ranks and I’ve been keep track of it almost daily and have been slowly moving up. My main goal is for someone to search “Houston Wedding Photographer” and to show up on the first few pages, which is I know is not an easy feat. I’m trying to post something weekly just to keep my content fresh. Last week I created a post on what to wear to photo shoots. Once google picked it up I moved down 10 pages on google. Is this because my last post didn’t contain anything specifically pertaining to weddings or are there are forces at work here?


Hi Brent, Yes, there are definitely other factors involved. There are about 200+ factors to bear in mind. It's easy to get into the trap of thinking that something you did was the cause of something else that happened ( i.e. I did X, and my rankings dropped). On top of that there are other sites to consider. Lots of variables. That said, if your home page is a blog, then your site's content is changing with each new blog post you publish, and that changes up the density of the keyword that Google is thinking you want to rank for. So it may very well be that your last article changed the dynamic of the page enough that Google no longer thinks you're focusing on "Houston Wedding Photography." Hope that helps!