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ALT text


Hi there,

I recently have been doing some blog posts for our business blog. I am a little confused when it comes to alt text. We are a photography business so have many images on our site. When writing the alt text is it best just to write a few key words? Should they have comma’s in between? Or should I write a short sentence e.g. Traditonal Norwegian wedding. Also, should the alt text be different for each image?
Many thanks
Alyssa Kjondal


Hi Alyssa, I grabbed this off an old answer. But it perfectly answers your question. "Alt Text is more important to the search engines. And I would use Alt Text as a means to describe each image. You have 144 characters that the search engines will read. So I would use that to be descriptive of each photo. You'll end up getting far greater searches with diverse keywords than you would with a bunch that just said 'Your City Wedding Photographer.' " Hope that helps!