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Photo Groms

Here at Flaunt Your Site, we’re working on a new scholarship program called Photo Groms, for high school photography students that would allow them to travel anywhere in the world, stay with, and learn from a professional photographer for two weeks.

The project is a result of William Bay’s involvement in an Self Expression and Leadership Program with Landmark Education. William explains the roots and possibility of the project:

When I was a kid and going to exhibits like Ansel Adams and Sebastio Salgado, all I wanted to do was travel to other places and countries, and take photos of new and exotic things, people and places. And to have a program that would allow students be able to do just that, and learn from talented professional photographers around the world would be a dream come true.
We’re calling it Photo Groms because in the surf culture kids that are learning to surf are called Groms. I started photographing and surfing the same year, and have been stoked on both for 22 years. So the name is a great fit.

We’d like to build a pretty decent sized database of photographers around the world to have as an option to students when we begin to select them. If you would be interested in being a future Host Photographer for a student please fill out the form below.¬†We will eventually have a separate website, but will stay here until we can get some man power behind a new site.

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