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Getting Noticed in 4 Weeks

Intro | Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Q&A

Welcome to Getting Noticed in 2015!

The aim in this video series isn’t try to turn you into an SEO expert, but rather give you some basic understanding of SEO concepts, and give you a very clear cut strategy for you to follow.

This approach will make life for you much much simpler. Instead of trying to learn a bunch of technical jargon, you’ll have easy to follow actions for you to focus on.

If you have questions after any of the videos, feel free to pop into our Secret Facebook Group.

Click the weeks below to watch:

Week 1

Learn the basics of SEO and & how to set up your plugins.

Week 2

Learn how to set up Landing Pages for your main keywords, and why they are critical to getting ranked.

Week 3

Learn how to write your blog posts to be the most effective at driving new traffic your way.

Week 4

Learn why links are so important, what the best ones are, and how to get them.