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Website and Blog Hosting for Photographers

Are you interested in being more than just a number with the big hosting companies?
We are WordPress and Photography website specialists, and we’d love to have you host with us.

We currently have two packages:

Flaunt 20
$8/month w/ 1yr service.
$9/month w/ 6mo service.
Flaunt 40
$12/month w/ 1yr service.
$13/month w/ 6mo service.
2 Gigabyte of storage
20 Gigabytes of monthly bandwidth
5 Databases
5 Domains Hosted
5 Email Addresses
4 Gigabyte of storage
40 Gigabytes of monthly bandwidth
10 Databases
10 Domains Hosted
10 Email Addresses

Host your photography site or blog with Flaunt Your Site.