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Find New Clients Using TweetDeck

06 September

I figured we would do a video blog post this week to touch on a great way to seek out clients. You can use this technique when things are slow, or you can have an assistant or intern working on this while you’re managing other aspects of your studio.

As always, feel free to add comments and questions below.

Video Transcription:
Hi everyone. This is William Bay from Flaunt Your
Today I’m going to help you find new clients by harnessing the power of Twitter with the program TweetDeck.

If you’re unfamiliar with TweetDeck, I highly suggest that you go to and check it out. The program comes in a desktop version which I use, as well as a web version, and mobile apps for iPhone and Android.
It’s a great program as it brings your social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles under one easy to use interface. It also allows you to manage multiple accounts. So if you have a personal Twitter account and a business account, you can manage them all from the same program.
What I’m going to share with you today is the power of the search columns and how that can be used to prospect for potential clients in your photography business.
In TweetDeck, you’ll find the “Add Column” button here. We’re going to click on that and the following dialog box will ask us which account you want to use. We’re going to use Twitter which is the default account already.
Then in the Search Bar we’re going to input a keyword that you think your potential customers may use while tweeting, so that we can target those people.
For example, I’m a Wedding Photographer in San Diego, so I’m looking for people that are getting married in San Diego. In this case I would use terms like San Diego Married, or San Diego Wedding, or even San Diego Engaged. You can have multiple search columns, which will payoff with more potential prospects.
The words don’t have to be in any particular order, and the great thing about this is that San Diego (or the city in which you’re searching) doesn’t have to be in the Tweet itself, but could be in the person’s Twitter profile which would create an even better target for you.

Now comes the process of sorting through the searches and finding good prospects to respond to. You’ll want to find good tweets that could be open to receiving some information from you. It’s important to not just bombard people with unwanted info about you and your services.
You can potentially have your account suspended if you are just spamming people.

You may find people that have announced that they have just been engaged. In this case you might respond with a message of congratulations and send them to something you’ve written about ‘selecting a wedding photographer’ or ‘ten things to know about planning your wedding’ on your website that they could read if they were interested.
Or you may find someone that is actually looking for recommendations of other vendors. You would definitely want to recommend the vendors you’ve worked with. The opportunity may present itself to let them know that you’re a photographer for hire as well, but remember social media is about sharing, and growing communities and relationships. If you were to refer a vendor, they may refer work back to you at some point too. There’s something to be said for internet karma.
Now can this work for other photographers? Of course. If you are a Maternity Photographer, you might look up phrases like “having a baby” or “I’m pregnant” if you are a Senior Photographer you can look up words like “graduate” or “senior.”
It’s really up to your creativity.
Why use TweetDeck over Twitter’s search:

  1. In my opinion TweetDeck’s interface is quite a bit more streamlined than Twitter’s and has more features.
  2. TweetDeck feeds are automatic, so I don’t have to refresh my browser screen when people send new tweets. It’s live, in real time.
  3. Since I can have as many search columns it’s just as simple as scrolling to the right of my most used columns to go through my lists.
  4. One of my favorite features is that you can assign an audible notification as the searches come in, so you don’t have to check every five minutes to see if you’re missing something new.

I hope now that you have a new way to obtain new clients. The bonus to this technique is that as you start spreading your content with other people, you may gain new followers, as well as having your links spread across the internet which will bring you more traffic, and increase your SEO.
If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me here at We do specialize in SEO, and Social Marketing for photographers and can help you in your campaigns.

Are You Losing Clients Before They Enter Your Site

05 September

I’ve recently been looking at resumes of Web Engineers to expand the capabilities of Flaunt Your Site and grow it into the business I see it becoming. Through the process of looking through resumes online, I’ve been quite dumbfounded by the number of resumes that don’t provide contact information at all.

I’ve seen a number of talented and qualified people that I’ll never be able to contact!

That got me thinking about photographers with websites. Most pointedly the ones with Blu Domain websites that use a splash page on the main page. None of these sites provide contact information!
How do you expect clients to email you or call you to hire you? What if there was a wedding day emergency and all the client had was an iPhone? (They won’t be able to look at your Flash site from their mobile device).

The lesson here is that you should provide a method for contact that potential clients can reach from every page on you website. Whether that’s a link to a contact page, or footer information with your address and phone number at the bottom of every page.

Having a footer with your information at the bottom of the page has an added benefit for Local SEO optimization. When we do a Local Optimization Service, we modify the client’s website with the contact information in the correct microformat for Google to read it and associate it with your Google Places listing which helps boost that listing towards the top.

Don’t lose clients before you’ve even had a chance to meet them and impress them. Make sure they can contact you from the very beginning.

The Importance of Branded Email

26 July

Are you that photographer

that hands someone a free Vista Print card, and an email address that says “”

Or worse yet, have you spent hundreds of dollars on beautiful letterpress cards, but have a Gmail address on them?

Shame on you!

Personalized Domain Emails FTW

Just as the way you dress says something about your image, so does your email. And it’s a relatively easy and cheap fix.

Reasons for branded emails:

  • Professional appearance (This should go without saying).
  • Consistency (Using your domain with your email address drives home that brand).
  • Credibility (Gmail addresses are easy to get, making them less reliable).
  • Security (Less likely to get marked as spam by filtering software).
  • Expandability (Use multiple email addresses for different aspects of your business or additional employees:,,

The Solution

If you don’t already own your domain. Please go buy one. I recommend Name Cat or Omnis.
*Please don’t buy from GoDaddy. The GoDaddy owner kills elephants and I boycott their products and services.

Most domain registrars and hosting companies will have a FAQ on how to incorporate your new email address into the most popular programs such as Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc.
If you like using Gmail’s webmail, you can still use it along with your new domain email address by signing up for Google Apps. It provides the same interface, and spam filtering that you are used to, with the ability to use your own branded email address.


With as many photographers as there are these days, you need to do everything you can to set yourself apart. Having your own domain and email address is one of the easiest and cheapest to do. It legitimises your business and provides a professional image. It is quite literally one of the best return on investments you can make as a business owner.

If you have questions or need help in getting your new email setup, please feel free to contact us at Flaunt Your Site.

WordCamp Talk

18 July

Thank you for all of you that came out to see me at WordCamp San Diego. I had a tremendous amount of fun with you all. I’m posting the slides here for you all to review. When the recording is available I will post that as well.

If you have any questions that aren’t in the slides feel free to drop me a line, or add a comment below.

And a huge thanks to the organizers and all the sponsors.

I’m Speaking at WordCamp San Diego

13 June

I’m excited as all get out to announce that I have been invited to speak at WordCamp San Diego! It’s completely sold out too! My topic will cover WordPress and SEO for photographers.

I first attended a WordCamp in L.A. back in 2009 and was blown away by the feeling of community and comradery present. Everyone was so open to learning and sharing with each other.
For those of you that have tickets, you’ll be able to see me speak at 9:30AM in the “Gaslamp” room.
If you can’t make it, there is a chance that they may be webcasting it. I’ll keep everyone informed if they do.

I’m thrilled and looking forward to seeing you all out there! I’ll have some great information to provide to everyone and maybe even a few freebies to give out.

Flaunt Your Site Is Born

10 January

I’ve been performing web design and SEO services for mainly wedding photographers for a couple years now. I’ve always did it as a side gig along with continuing my own photographic endeavors and I have done great by word of mouth referals.
I’ve always felt a little strange when talking to new or potential clients though. I’ve always felt like I was some “guy off Craigslist, that just randomly does websites.”

In that vain, I’ve decided to actually put out a real business. For me at least, I think people would feel like they could trust someone with an actual business entity as well as the reputation from all of you who do refer me.

So to all of you who are and have been clients, for all of the people I have helped through your WordPress issues late at night, for all those that have helped me with questions I’ve had, and to all my future clients and people I hope to impact with their websites and online presence, to all of us! Thank you!

Flaunt Your Site is open for business!