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One of Flaunt Your Site's goals is to aid people in getting clients through their websites. The biggest challenge for most people in doing that is getting their website user friendly. As a way of giving back, we've started doing complementary website reviews every week. If you'd be interested in participating, come join our group on Facebook

Every Wednesday you'll have a chance to get your website reviewed for SEO and Site Usability, all in an effort to help you get more clients. We archive the reviews here as well, so you can watch or read past reviews and get a sense of the improvements we suggest to people.

Stefanie Cepeda Photography

Hello everybody! And welcome to another Flaunt Your Site website review. This week, we’re looking at Stefanie Cepeda‘s website. Stefanie is a wedding photographer in Vancouver. That’s in Canadia. The Mexico of the North. So, Stefanie’s site is a bit basic. But it does have some good information on it. I would put some effort […]

Dustin Hall Photography

It’s good to be back! I spent the last couple of weeks working on a personal photography project down in Baja. If you’re a personal friend on Facebook, you probably saw all the mud and dust caked onto my Nissan Xt-Terra. It was a blast, the photos I got are going to work out fantastically […]

Albert Palmer Photography

This week, we’re reviewing Albert Palmer’s website. Albert is a photographer in Bristol. We’ve been getting lots of UK photographers lately on the reviews. Maybe the Flaunt Your Site reviews are kind of a big deal there. So Albert’s site here is very clean and contemporary. Very nicely laid out. Since Albert does only shoot […]

Jodi Redhouse Photography

This week’s review is of Jodi Redhouse Photography in London. Right away, I’m turned off to the site because of the pop up. I know there are TONS of marketers out there that believe in pop ups. But I’m not one of them. Yes, they’re effective at getting people to sign up. But they ruin […]

Funky Pixel Photography

This week, we’re reviewing Funky Pixel Photography based out of Kent, in the U.K. So first all I have to say is holy bold text Batman! That’s what stands out to me at first. Bolding keywords is a very old SEO practice and won’t do much for you other than to turn of potential visitors. […]

Kathryn Edwards Photography

This week, we’ll be looking at Kathryn Edwards Photography based… somewhere in England. Let’s find out where… OK so there’s the first problem. Your potential clients don’t know where you’re located. I would fix that right away. That should be on your home page most definitely. So getting back to the site… Design wise, it […]

Erica Cummins Photography

Today we’re reviewing the website of Erica Cummins Photography based out of the Swan Hill area in Australia. So design wise, I think it’s a little simple. I think the site lends itself to having a little bit more detail. I can sense that it’s going for a pretty aesthetic, but the concept has to […]

Victoria Johansson Photography

Today’s review is of Victoria Johansson Photography. As far as I know, she’s not related to Scarlett, but like the Black Widow in the Avengers, she’s apparently from Russia! Victoria is just up the I-5 from the Flaunt Your Site San Diego world headquarters, in Orange County, and she focuses on wedding and lifestyle photography. So Victoria just […]

Sophia Rose Photography

This week we’re reviewing Sophia Rose Photography who does portraits in Sterling Illinois. It’s a nice clean website, it’s a good basic theme to start off with. And sometimes that’s all you need. I would do something about the logo though. To me it looks like a ‘J’ instead of an ‘S’. And just from […]

Kerrie Mitchell Photography

I After a month long absence due to Bronchitis and other life things (thanks Obama!), we’re reviewing Kerrie Mitchell’s site. She’s a photographer in Essex (which is across the pond in the land of Britains. Brilliant!) So first off, we’re dealing with a Flash site here. When I do speaking engagements, I jokingly bring up that […]